Brewno Doesn’t Do “Downsize!”

No Big Dogs

Some of us are downsizing our homes, but don’t want to downsize our pets! It’s a real problem trying to find just the right place for our pets. Golf Course Communities often have pet rules, no pets, or no fences! A dog howling at the moon might be serendipitous in the country. That cute canine companion to you could be a community disturbance issue and if he’s really big, and he jumps on someone and hurts them, you have a community canine crisis.

I don’t have any great answers for the difficult search, except to keep searching for that perfect home for you and your beloved animal family members. There are wonderful pet friendly communities, condos and apartments alike. Many landlords have wisely realized how great pet owners are as tenants.

Lastly, don’t give up the house to your pets! I mean, they can scale down a bit too, and the only feelings hurt by it would be yours. They are always so happy to be with you and don’t care about material possessions! You know that, right? So why do I still want a swimming pool for my dog? Because I enjoy watching my big dog swim!

Author: GELLC

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