Banning! Banning?

We made it! We now reside in Banning, California! This is a favorite retirement town for Seniors, but if you visit, you will see the growth that’s happening right now for families, too. New homes are going up in Beaumont right next door. Lots of them and the prices are still reasonable compared to the rest of Riverside County.

Banning is on the edge of Riverside County in the San Gorgonio Pass area. My home sits at 2,495′ elevation. Snow fell Thanksgiving Day 2019, one month after we moved in. There are “seasons” up here a little more extreme than “down the hill” in Santa Ana, where I came from.

Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2019, Sun Lakes Country Club by Linda Gaskill

Sun Lakes began construction in the 1990’s, with mine being completed in 1999. To me, that’s new compared to the house I left in Santa Ana which was built in 1952. I confess I’d always been reluctant to consider senior community living. I am used to single family houses on large lots. I was afraid I would be desperate without a yard to garden and play in with my animals even though my old bones sought some relief.

At the time I decided to sell my home in Santa Ana and move elsewhere, I had a big dog named Bruno. Fortunately, Bruno has gone to stay with my son in Irvine, I’m very happy to say. I miss the big yellow Lab but I still have a small Pomeranian that is easy to handle in my new patio home on the golf course at Sun Lakes Country Club. I get to see Bruno when I get to see my son now. That is something I’ve had to get used to because my son was ten minutes away and now he’s over seventy minutes drive away, in traffic. We visit when we can by phone, and I’m getting used to using Duo so I can see my boy!

There are large dogs in the community. Unlike mine, some yards are fenced for it, but we still have to watch out for wildlife and bring pets in at night. People say we have Bobcats up here. I’ve heard the Coyotes. I saw them frequently roaming near Santa Ana, but haven’t seen any such wildlife in Banning yet. I do have a lot of colorful Orchard Orioles and Hummingbirds visiting my bird feeder. They even showed up the day it was snowing!

To be continued . . .